Mental health

With specialist psychologist Rosana Corbacho, in these sessions psychological techniques will be put into practice to prevent and treat common disorders (anxiety, stress, burnout, creative block…). The aim is to improve the quality of life and balance of music artists and professionals.

Legal / Fiscal / Labour

With the collaboration of the specialised law firm Sympathy for the Lawyer, consultations will be available on the following subjects: intellectual property, music publishing, collective management, record contracts, joint ventures, artist bookings, live music, music industry, tax planning, as well as on matters that enable members to position themselves in their sector, lobby and dialogue/negotiate with other stakeholders and with the competent authorities.

Intellectual property

Managed by Ainara LeGardon’s team, this service solves doubts about intellectual property and authors’ rights management: doubts about recording contracts, publishing houses, collective management entities and any questions related to intellectual property. Consultations are handled on a personalised basis and, depending on their content and/or urgency, will be dealt with by telephone, e-mail or a remote meeting.

In addition, in our HUB you can find specialised guides and webinars on these matters and others such as grants, subsidies, etc