Cultural, open and collective

A collaboration project for the promotion and improvement of musical activity in the Basque Country

Basque Music Office ‒Musika Bulegoa‒ is a strategic sectoral collaboration project for the promotion and improvement of musical activity in the Basque Country. A project of an eminently cultural nature that places music created in the Basque Country at the centre of its being and whose main objectives are to build a meeting place for the sector and for services, to give the Basque Country’s music a brand and support that projects an image of quality, and to be a tool that enables the development of actions and projects of general interest.

EHMBE (Euskal Herriko Musika Bulego Elkartea) is the association that supports the Office. It is formed by Kultura Live (Association of Basque Private Music Venues), MIE (Association of Basque Music Industry), Musikari (Association of Basque Musicians) and Musikagileak (Association of Basque Composers).

It is an open initiative that aims to gradually bring together all those agents ‒at individual or collective level‒ linked to musical activity in the Basque Country who identify with its objectives and wish to participate in its structure and activity.

The cultural, collective and open nature of Musika Bulegoa is what has made the support of the Basque Government possible from the start, thus ensuring the continuity of objectives and the collaboration dynamics developed in recent years.

Paths that lead to Musika Bulegoa

Musika Bulegoa is not something that has been forged overnight. The creation of the Music Office was already formulated as a priority need among the conclusions of the sectoral panels set up around the different Basque Government’s Culture Plans in recent years. It is currently one of the strategic projects of ‘Kultura Auzolanean’.

Thus, the activities that were developed within the context of the ‘Euskadiko Soinuak’ programme were already a practical reflection of the lines of activity formulated for Musika Bulegoa: a rehearsal of what could be some of the activities that the office is developing and will be able to develop in the future.

Educational concerts, talks, masterclasses, training courses, screenings and exhibitions have been sponsored with the aim of promoting Basque music.

Musika Bulegoa, in collaboration with the Basque Government’s Department of Culture and Language Policy and the Etxepare Basque Institute, carries out the coordination of the Basque. Music. platform.Thanks to this brand, it has participated in international professional fairs such as Eurosonic, Classical:NEXT, Jazzahead!, BIME Bogotá, Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, Womex or BIME Bilbao.

Objectives to create a meeting space

  • To support and reinforce the Basque Country’s music in all its variety
  • To work on increasing its artistic quality and professionalism
  • To support and disseminate the creation and production of music
  • To support and disseminate music in the Basque language
  • To support and disseminate musical research
  • To support music-related knowledge, training, passion and awareness
  • To generate new audiences and incentivise the consumption of the Basque Country’s music
  • To support and reinforce the activity of the various stakeholders in the sector and work on improving their professional activity
  • To support and reinforce sectoral information, communication and coordination
  • To support and reinforce the associative fabric of the music sector
  • To facilitate and increase communication and collaboration with stakeholders of the music sector who are not members, as well as with those from other cultural sectors
  • To increase and optimise resources in order to carry out the Association’s activities and for musical activity in general

Six axes of activity

Coordination and services

Sectoral debate

Permanent training

Awareness-raising and education of audiences

Promotion and dissemination

Presence abroad

Statutes of the association

Here you can see the statutes of the association